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Research and Evaluations for Action!

As a senior manager or planner you likely make important decisions, on a daily basis, that impact your company or organization. To succeed, you need valid, reliable and relevant information that can best be derived through sound research or evaluation processes. You also need to ensure that you get the best value for the time and money you invest in these studies.

The purpose of every study we undertake is to provide our clients with the information required to determine what areas are in need of change and what is working well for them. We work with our clients to help them act on their research and evaluation findings.

We also work collaboratively with our clients, involving them in the development of the evaluation framework, areas of inquiry, and related research instruments. We take the time to clearly and succinctly review and interpret all study findings in conjunction with our clients. This enables us to jointly develop conclusions based on the findings, and recommendations and ‘next steps’ based on these conclusions.

Our studies can help you, in part to:

  • Understand the needs and interests of your customers or clients, and whether you are successfully meeting them
  • Determine how your company or organizations operates, and ways in which it can be made more effective and efficient
  • Understand your employees’ experiences at work; their short and long-term employment intentions; whether they experience harassment, violence or high levels of stress; and whether they would recommend your company or organization as a good place to work
  • Identify solutions to decrease employee attrition and absenteeism, and improve your ability to attract and retain skilled and talented employees

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