Evaluating Employee Rehabilitation Services
and Benefit Plans

As an adjunct to the employee satisfaction and workplace wellness studies we undertake, Kaplan Research Associates has developed effective and impactful evaluations of programs and services that have been developed to support employees. These include:

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Employee Rehabilitation Services
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Mental Health Services
  • Physiotherapy Services

Employee Assistance Programs
and Employee Benefits Services

Evaluation Case Studies:

Howdle McLean Physiotherapy

  • Developing and administering client entry and closure forms
  • Evaluating physiotherapy services, including service impacts and outcomes, service outputs, and client satisfaction

Manitoba Teachers’ Society Disability Benefits Plan

  • A membership survey to set future plan directions
  • An evaluation of the Early Intervention Program to determine, in part, client outcomes, and the program’s return-on-investment
  • Ongoing outcome and satisfaction evaluations of claimants upon exit (from 2004 through 2010)

Society for Manitobans With Disabilities

  • Working with staff and managers of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to develop measurable service goals and objectives
  • Developing forms to track participant entering Adult Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Manitoba Family Services Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Developing and processing client entry and exit forms describing presenting conditions and disabilities, required services, client demographics, program outputs, and service outcomes.

Independence Incorporated

  • Using research and evaluation methods to determine clients’ wellness needs and to develop plans of action to implement relevant and effective workplace wellness initiatives
  • Developing baseline data in order to measure improvements in clients’ physical and mental health over time, and to evaluate the effectiveness of workplace interventions based on reduced accidents and incidents rates, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity