Our Philosophy & Proven Methods
Regarding These Studies

Our clients are meaningfully involved in the development of customized employee questionnaires, and the review of the initial study findings.

Our reports include a clear and concise analysis and interpretation of the findings that lead seamlessly into the development of strategies to improve the climate and culture of the workplace. This, in turn, can help to increase employees’ mental, emotional and physical health.

"Workplace health and wellness are important factors in the successful retention of your skilled and talented employees. They will also help to make your organization or company an employer of choice."

Some stress is essential to maintain an engaged and stimulated workforce. Many of our studies focus on the prevalence of negative workplace stress, the reported causes of stress, and your employees’ solutions to lessen negative stress in the workplace.

We analyze the study findings both in the aggregate (i.e. for all employees as a single group), and based on identified characteristics. These can include their departments, positions or occupations, length of employment, work locations, and even age or gender. This specificity helps you to tailor solutions to workplace issues for those groups most effected by them.

We can use a range of research methods for each study, including questionnaires, focus groups, and individual interviews. Where possible both quantitative and qualitative data are collected and analyzed.

"Because we are research professionals, we adhere to ethical research practices. We also work to protect employee anonymity, which is essential to ensure the validity and veracity of the data."